Don’t Visit Your Mother

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK. But the newspaper headlines warn everyone not to go and visit their mother – for fear of spreading the Corona virus.

And so, our thoughts turn today to our mothers.

I laugh now as I remember my own loving mother, trying to correct my bad behaviour as a 6-year-old, with warning words, and having to turn away trying not to giggle at my ‘wicked’ antics. And I see the same trait in my own daughter, giggling as she tries to correct my 6-year-old grandson – who, I think, is just like me in many of his ways!

Besides having her own three children, my Mom became the spiritual mother of many children. Every Sunday, my sister and I had the ‘joy’ – or embarrassment – of walking through the streets of the town with our mother pushing an old ice cream cart that she had converted into a kind of mobile Sunday School. On board the cart were a loud speaker and an easel for the ‘flannel graph’ – and I can remember now Mom shouting: “Calling all children! Calling all children!

And it wasn’t long before ‘all children’ appeared, and after a ‘taster’ of a story, they followed us back to the church for Sunday School:  A long line of them, like the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

Over the years, she led many of those children to the Lord, and now many of them live around the world, and in turn they are leading others to the Lord Jesus.

In this lock down and isolation, I’m reminded of one of the stories Mother used to tell about a disabled boy named Tom:-

Confined to his room, and all alone, Tom longed to reach the unsaved with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Of course he could do nothing. Tom was all alone confined to his room. But then he had the idea of writing the message of salvation on scraps of paper, and throwing them through the window. The Lord blessed his endeavours by touching the hearts of those passers-by who picked up his scraps of paper, and turned to God.

Against all odds, a disabled boy in isolation became an effective evangelist.

I suppose you’ve already guessed where I’m going with this? Yes, you’re right.

Here’s the question: what can we do for the Kingdom and our own spiritual growth, while we are in lock down?

Let’s seek God to give us ideas how to make something constructive out of this.

Locked up in a prison cell, the Apostle Paul said: “the Word of God is not in lock down!” (2 Timothy 2:9 – my paraphrase).